Junior Staff Course (JSC)

JSC, which trains BS 11-16 Officials/Officers, is designed for capacity building & inculcation of skills. Training tools like Lecture Discussions, Panel Discussions, Syndicate Work, Workshops, Field Visits and Book Review focus on the main thrust of the course.


The aim of Junior Staff Course is:

  • To develop participants’ knowledge, skills, and potential so as to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To sensitize the participants in public interest and groom them for better overall performance.


  • To create an understanding about the need for inter-departmental linkages and coordination for improving efficiency.
  • To enhance knowledge of the Rules of Business and the government’s administrative structures.
  • To assist in personality development and enhance communication, interpersonal skills so as to improve effectiveness.
  • To equip with the skills required for effective working.


  • Curriculum of the Course comprises five modules spread over three terms. The detail is as under: Module – I Personnel Management

    Module – II Financial Management

    Module – III Rules of Business, 1985

    Module – IV Secretariat Instructions, 1979

    Module – V Computer Literacy

  • Each module is sponsored by a faculty member, who organizes and conducts it in accordance with the curriculum under overall guidance of the Director General KIM.